Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boxes and Bubblewrap, I guess if I am to start this blog thing, I best be getting on with another entry, eh!

So, I am getting ready to sublet a really awesome apartment for about 6 mths or so! It is a win-win situation for all involved. The owners won't have to leave their apartment empty, their rent will be taken care of while they are away, I get to live somewhere very cool and have a great reason to purge all the crap I have pack-ratted over the years and start fresh!!! Wooohooo!!

Although it is proving to be a tough process; figuring out what to chuck and what to keep, it has also been a fun walk down memory lane.

  • I found countless incense burners still in their boxes, little knick-knacks that were gifts and I have never used them; all are reminders of past students, parties and great people.
  • Oh, and let's not forget the heaps of little tiny toys or characters meant to hang decoratively from a mobile phone, that I got free from bottles of water and tea. Those are symbols of the good intentions I had when I thought I would use them as prizes in my classes...oops, sorry kids!
  • There is the barbecue I bought expressly for hanami parties (the kind of party at which I met Shig) but then never used because I keep having hanamis next to a river where barbecueing is prohibited. It is still in its box too. Hey, at least I was prepared in case City Hall suddenly thought cooking with fire whilst completely hammered, directly under a tree in an area that was crowded with countless other drunks, was a good idea and decided to permit it.
  • And ah yes...the cute, fun pair of yellow badminton rackets with matching birdies I bought to use on the beach in Okinawa last summer. I never even zipped open the case. I opted instead to spend so much time in the water that I got heatstroke from the ensuing sunburn on that particular holiday. That was way more fun.
I do truly feel like I am making headway with my packing and purging. I still have a LOT to do though. A couch that needs to be taken out of here, a bed that needs to find a new home, shelves to sell or give away, papers to throw out or file, pots, pans, dishes, bedsheets, books, etc., etc....oh crap. I haven't gotten anywhere!!!

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  1. Best you get off the computer and get at it! Isn't it funny ~ the stuff we accumulate and think that it is a good idea at the time.... Do they have yard sales in Japan??