Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mexico, Norovirus and Computers

Ok, so it has been quite a while since I have been on. Life has been so unbelievably hectic!! So, let me give you a synopsis.

My friend, Rachael was getting ready to go to Mexico with her husband. It is a dream that they have had for a very long time. They are going to live and travel around Mexico for several months, learn the ropes about Mexican food and come back to open a restaurant of their own! A very exciting adventure! I am so happy for them. They truly can walk around saying that they are "living the dream" and really mean it!

Soooo...they didn't want to leave their place empty the whole time and were looking for someone to sublet it. Shigeki and I became the takers. I saw it as a way to get rid of some of the crap that was cluttering up our lives...and I was right. We threw out LOADS of stuff!! Poor Shigeki!! I am afraid he received a rather harsh several...about how moving does not entail scooping up every singe bit of clothing (old stuff hanging by threads can go bye-bye) or scrap of paper, scrunching them up into a ball and chucking them into a random bag together and taking it to the new place. I introduced him to the concept of actually discerning what to get rid of and what to keep. So, in that area (downsizing our lives), we were successful. I have to apologize to Shig though for the constant nagging he had to endure leading up to the move. My friends were telling me I was a saint for dealing with all his inefficient packing methods, but I think he is also a saint for putting up with what I was dealing out to him. I am indeed a lucky gal to have such a patient guy!! And I never, ever want to sound like a nagging old wife like that again! So not me!

Of course, lucky me, I came down with norovirus about one week before we had to move. That put me out of commission for about 2 days. Oh, norovirus is a fancy ass way to say "stomach flu" or "flu bug". Can't just say that anymore...have to say something catchy and intimidating-sounding, like "I have norovirus".

Which leads me to another hospital story. I had been so sick with the virus, that Shigeki was actually a little scared. I had a stomachache all day, then in the evening, severe chills and practically no body heat, was completely lethargic, had a nap and woke up just in time to avoid spontaneous combustion. I was so hot when I woke up!! Shig tried to get me to go to the hospital but I was just waaaay too tired to drag my butt to wherever there might be a hospital that was open on a Sunday evening. (That is right folks, if you are going to get sick in Japan, make sure you schedule all illnesses and injuries accordingly, ok?) So I at least promised him that I would call in sick to work the next day and get myself to a doctor.

I made my way to a really good hospital the next morning. I was feeling a lot better but still pretty lethargic and weak and not the slightest hint of an appetite. Saw the doc who was nice enough but had the worst habit of liberally peppering his sentences with "right, ok". I don't know who taught him his English but I am going to box that person in the ears if I ever meet him or her!! Dr. Rightok says it about every 2nd or 3rd word (and I am not exaggerating!!!) so although his English was great, it was really hard to follow the flow of what he was saying because it was so full of "right ok"s. "Good afternoon. Right, ok? Have a seat, right ok? So, you are right ok, having some symptoms you know. Please tell me, right ok, what type of symptoms, you know, you have been having, right, ok?" Oh yeah, as you noticed, he would occasionally spice it up with some "you know"s. He then sent me for some tests: blood test, urine test, and something else I don't want to talk about.

Went back a week later to find out that I had tested positive for norovirus and a rare strain of E.coli (E.coli O18), negative for diabetes , liver disease (and several other things) and to have a follow up blood test. He told me about many of the things that I didn't have before telling me what was wrong. So, in a nutshell, other than testing positive for a virus and bacteria, my test readings were aces and I am in the best of health! I thanked Dr. Rightok and went on my way, hoping that next time I will get sick on a Wednesday instead, as I have heard the Wednesday doc doesn't punctuate his English with random filler words that sound like he is asking for confirmation that you understand him but really he doesn't stop to let you get a word in edgewise.

So, since that fiasco, we got back on track with the packing. We are slowly getting used to the new place but it is so strange to be living in a friend's place when you don't know when you will ever get to see that friend again. We will have left Japan by the time they are back from Mexico. But I am reminded of them every single day, since I am in their place, using their stuff. Wierdness, man!

On other topic fronts:

I just bought an iMac! I had been eyeballing Mac products for a long time now and had been saving up to get one. I have had it for just a little over 24 hours now and am totally in love with it!! I bugged the same sales girl several times over the past 4 mths with a trillion questions about Macs and weighed the pros and cons of which one to buy. I had kind of made my decision a long time ago but was not really confident about it, so kept saying I was not sure what I wanted to buy; but really that was just a front for being afraid of spending so much money!! I finally bit the bullet and did it and don't regret it one bit! I think the friends I polled about it were absolutely correct when they told me "Once you go Mac, you don't go back!"

That is about it for now. But will definitely keep folks posted on what is going on next. Hopefully not another hospital story. Really, I do other things besides hanging out at hospitals, struggling to understand what the hell people are saying to me. I swear.

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  1. Oh sweetie ~ your sickness sounds terrible and e coli ~ that just sucks!! Glad that you are moved and settled (??) so to speak. Now for the quote "we will no longer be in Japan when they come back" ~ care to share a time line with a Canuk?? Nice to see a post btw. xox