Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crazy Carbs

So, I have just completed week 2 of cutting back on me carbs.  Week one, I sort of cut them out completely.  THAT was not so great.  Oh, I certainly felt noble!  I was so proud of all the veggies and fruit I was eating and felt no guilt at having a bit of cheese.  But I looked on so longingly when Shigeki had a nice, warm croissant in the mornings, as my mouth watered and a tear escaped my eye.

Having made it through the week, I chose Friday to be my cheat day.  I like to tell folks that it was because everyone needs a cheat day to keep themselves on track and on the road to success.  What I really mean by that was that I just couldn't take it anymore and went mental.  I ordered pizza, pop and lovely, lovely homemade garlic dipping sauce.  By the way, exactly when did dipping sauces for pizza come on the scene?  I left for Japan in 2003, never dreaming of such a thing.  Then I come back in 2010 and it was everywhere; you couldn't have pizza without dip.  Thank goodness someone came up with that since, as we all knew, pizza wasn't fattening enough on its own.  Solution to a world crisis, there, I tell ya!  But I digress...

And I didn't just scoff it all down...I savoured and treasured every single bite.  And suddenly the world appeared to be in glorious technicolour, rainbows everywhere and I was filled with love for everyone and everything around me.  I was sure there was actually peace all around the world during those glorious moments when I was filled with such love, ecstasy (the emotion, not the pill) and yummy pizza.

So, week two was done a little more wisely.  I did throw in some of what are considered bad carbs.  I actually...gasp!...had a bowl of Cheerios a couple of mornings! (Just to clarify, I mean a bowl each morning, not one bowl spread out over two mornings.  That would just be stupid and extremely soggy.) I even had rice with an amazing homemade bento that we ordered with our delivery from JTown.  Yeah, that is right, the fish, veggies, pickled veggies, beans and wakame that was part of my dinner came accompanied by rice.  128 million skinny Japanese people can't be all wrong!

Then came Saturday.  Carb Crazy Saturday!  I made it all the way to Saturday before caving!  I decided for my cheat day, we would go to East Side Mario's.  I had bruschetta for an appetizer, Fettucini Alfredo for my main and even ordered the mini mousse thingie for dessert to share with Shigeki.  And just because the portions were big, I didn't get full.  I only ate as much as I would have served up for myself if I had made these dishes, and took the rest home.  Hence having room for a mini dessert and tea.  AND I even decided to have chips and dip that night.  Ate 'til I was happy and put the rest away until next week.  Am pleasantly shocked that I don't even feel a twinge of temptation to have any until my next official cheat day.  Wheeeeeee!

So, back on the wagon for the week.  And will continue with our daily walks as well as making use of the prehistoric gym equipment in the basement.  Which, I am pleased to discover is effective enough to leave me with sore muscles after using!

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