Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 3 - Wednesday.  Shigeki has been eating a plate of pumpernickel bread, pieces of cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes from our mini tomato plant on the balcony, for a snack now and again.  (The tomatoes are mini, not the plant, it is pretty big, actually.)  Looks like a great idea for lunch.  In my desire for such a scrumptious light meal, I was hoping that I could go ahead and eat this for my lunch.  Damn pumpernickel bread for containing carbohydrates and destroying my dreams!!

So today, I went out for my morning walk and instead of going through Waterloo Park, I decided to explore uptown a little.  When I made it back to King St, I walked by a new cafe that I had noticed last week.  I decided it would feel great to go in, check it out and have some relaxing moments, watching people go by from the table at the windows on the second floor.  The cafe is gorgeous.  Brand new, funky, great European French music playing, made me feel like once I was finished I should be going home on my bicycle with a baguette, cheese and flowers in the basket.

Here are some pics of said cafe:

It was splendid, stupendous and just a scrumptious place to be!  Really had me missing Rach and Louisa!  Just the kind of place we love!  By the way, Kerri, we have to go for a coffee together sometime.  Something tells me you would love this just as much!!!!

I decided to try the stuff that they had.  Ordered a chai latte and a lemon square and they were DIVINE!!  The owner is really sweet, just wonderful and brought them to my seat when ready.  She even heated up the lemon square.  It was heaven!!!

I ate and drank slowly, savouring every delectable morsel and sip.  It was pure pleasure, sitting there, the chilled out music, the treats that take over your senses in the most indulgent way possible, watching people go by on the street, feeling all is right with the world.  Slightly disrupted by watching the woman on the sidewalk, try to get in the car when her husband pulled up; I noticed he was putting the passenger window down as she was trying to open the car door.  She jiggled the handle, tried again, said something to him through the partially lowered window, she tried the door again as the window went down a little more.  I laughed/snorted out loud in the cafe as I realized she couldn't get in the car because her husband kept hitting the window button instead of the lock button!!  Baaahahahaa!!

Then it happened, I got this far through my sinful indulgence:

And then I remembered... HOLY SHIT!!  There are bound to be carbs and/or sugar in there somewhere!!  Oh God!  What do I do?  How do I handle this?  Should I call someone???  Then the answer came to me...finish it, enjoy it and move on with my day!  I will walk it off, right?  Right????

To make up for it, I made an amazing salad for lunch.  Spinach, green pepper, red pepper, onion (red is best), mandarin orange pieces, sunflower seeds and bacon bits (REAL bacon bits, Mom!) and feta cheese.  Didn't have any dressing, so just squeezed some juice out of a lemon, added some olive oil and honey, mixed it all together then poured it on the salad.  Yum, yum, gimme some!  (That's what she said!  Heeeyoo!)

So, impressive.  Day three before I hit an obstacle.  Yeah, that's right, day three is impressive.  Do you know how many people don't make it all the way to the third day of things they are doing mind.  Wait!!!  I know!  Steven!  My own brother can't make it three hours without a coffee stain, never mind three days!  That has never happened!  

Yeah, I rock.

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