Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Free from carbs (-ohydrates, not -urators)

Right then.  So, I said I was going to follow the straight and narrow with regard to healthy living.  While I definitely don't overeat, at least in quantity, I decided how and what I eat could use an overhaul.  I decided to cut out carbs.  And sugar.  I think.  Well, refined sugars.  Honey will still be making an appearance now and again.  Not going to Google as to whether or not that is how to do it because I need something sweet in my life, besides Shigeki.  If he was the only sweet thing in my life, I would probably smother him with attention (you're reading this, right, Shigeki??)

I made sure last week, not to buy any carbs at the supermarket so that I could finish off what I had left at home.  By the end of the weekend, I had pretty much eliminated all my English muffins and we are out of potatoes.  So, starches gone.  Except for Japanese rice.  That is where the aforementioned "I think" comes in.  There will just be some meals where I have to eat it because anything else would be stupid. (Anyone else here ever try sushi with a bed of spinach instead of rice??  Yeah, didn't think so!)

Monday and Tuesday went well.  I had some great meals, hell, I even made an omelette!  (That is an exciting statement because I don't eat eggs.  Hate 'em.  Always have.)  Of course the day I made the omelette is the same day a FB friend posted an article about how, for women, eating an egg every day shortens our life span as much as smoking 25,000 cigarettes.  Bloody hell.  I can't win.  I was so damn proud of myself!!  

Tuesday night was a night where neither Shigeki nor I felt like cooking.  Oh God.  Luckily, I had some leftover spaghetti sauce, chock full of vegetables, in the fridge.  That was my supper; I'm classy that way.  And not just any sauce; I haven't had sauce from a bottle in years.  I always make it from scratch with fresh veggies.  Anyhoo, that tamed the hunger beast for a bit.  Meanwhile, Shigeki has found a place to buy some cheap but good croissants, which he warms up in the mornings and unbeknownst to him, makes me want to loot, pillage and plunder just to have one!  Other than that, I have been doing alright with staying away from bread.

I think I can do this!  It has only been two days, but I think I can do it.  

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