Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting Healthy Post (subtitle: Looong post due to long absence. Sorry!)

So I am trying to follow the straight and narrow with regard to eating healthy.  The word of most importance in that sentence is "trying"! 

When I went to Japan, I melted.  I shrank like Rick Moranis was hiding in dark corners with a ray gun pointed at my waistline.  My main diet consisted of popcorn, chocolate, Coke, water and the more than occasional Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks across the street from our school.  The weekends were what kept me alive and free from scurvy; we would go out, drink our faces off and eat like there was no tomorrow.  This secondary diet was inhaled consumed at izakayas with all-you-can deals (that includes all you can drink alcohol, folks!)  But the thing is, Japanese pub food is vastly different than pub food here!  I think that is where most of my good nutrition came from.  And clubs stay open all night, so I spent a lot of hours high energy drunk dancing working my core.  I looked good!  

Then, a little over 2 years later, I started a relationship.  A relationship with one of those men who had a either hollow leg or a huge tapeworm.  He could eat and eat and eat, and nothing happened to his waistline.  Jerk.  I quickly learned I needed to stop eating like he did because the weight started to come back and I wasn't liking it.  Just the same, whether I liked it or not, I wore my relationship contentment on my waist.  Then I came back to Canada.  It got worse.

I decided it is time to get back to the size I want to be.  Definitely not skinny; I refuse to leave the world of curves but certainly need to escape the land of rolls!!!  Going back to my super diet of almost no calories during the week, and lots of nutritious calories on the weekends, is just not in the cards.  My husband has some crazy idea that I need to eat meals each day.  Really?  Reeeeallyyy????  I did try the Body by Vi thing, which worked quite well for a couple of my non-running friends, but it just didn't take off for me.  I didn't see the sense in drinking a glass of lunch when I could opt for a healthy meal that allowed to share in the act of sitting and talking with others rather than enviously looking from my empty glass to their plates of food.  It wasn't hunger, it was the social part of eating with others and I am a social gal!

I have started to get religious about getting out and walking every day, no matter how much or how little time I can do it.  I did try the running thing for bit.  I have actually tried it several times over the years.  I don't like it.  I really, really don't like it.  Seems a great number of my friends have jumped on the running bandwagon...well, actually a bandwagon would defeat the purpose, I guess it is a racetrack.  And they are doing great!  Weight is just melting off them, they are loving it, getting hooked, feeling better, looking fabulous, finding rainbows and baby chicks around every corner, need I say more?  

Aaannyway, I did the interval "walk for a bit, run for a bit" and build up each week to be able to run longer and longer until you run a 5K.  What a crock of crap!!!!  Well, a crock of crap for offense to any over-acheivers out you?  If I kept it up, I would just fail and that is not an option.  So, since I love walking, briskly (better if I could find some real trails in the woods rather than paved paths) I decided that is my key to success.  I cannot afford a gym as I am unemployed at the moment, so I joined Shigeki's gym; no fees whatsoever.  I was surprised how easy it was to get there without a car; great location, in fact you probably have it near you.  I felt like the kids who discovered Narnia.  I just walked through a door (the door of my apt. building to be exact) and there it was!!!!!  It is called Outside.  Geniuses must work in their logistics department!

I have also recently discovered that in the basement of our building, the room that was full of junk and miscellaneous treasures left behind by former tenants, has been transformed.  The junk has been cleared away and the room, although not pretty or updated by any stretch of the imagination, now has some card tables and chairs set up as well as some gym equipment for tenants' use!  I have to admit though, the equipment is obviously second hand stuff that got left behind.  Ok, it's old.  Prehistoric.  I was a little afraid to even step on any of it; I am pretty sure humans didn't weigh that much or were that tall back then.  But it does work!  Not pretty, not fancy, likely predates the Industrial era, but it works!  Will definitely be taking advantage of it!!  I also take advantage of my living room floor......whoa, whoa whoa!!  Back up!  Get your minds out of the gutter!  I use the living room floor for stretches and working my abs and lower back!!  And NO, that is not what the kids are calling it nowadays!  Pervs.

So, I will be keeping a regular blog on here to update anyone who wishes to read this, on my progress (why is it echoing in here??).  And I will post on a regular basis, so I have to work hard in order to make sure there is something to update!

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