Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Yoga Journey

or:  How Fisher Price Relates to my Yoga Workout

I have to come on here and publicly admit, I have fallen off the strict eating horse that I had been on.  For those just joining and not having read my previous posts, I don't actually mean I have been horseback riding and my horse is picky about food/feeding times, etc.  It was a metaphorical horse.  Aaanyway....I had been pretty good with my eating but this past week, not so much.  Oops. 

I had chips.  Twice.  I don't normally eat them and when grocery shopping, they don't even appeal to me.  But if they make their way into my home, I can't think about anything else other than eating them! Long story short:  sale, husband wanted, chips now in cupboard.  Awww, maaaan!!!  And wait for it....wait for it...Thanksgiving dinner included...potatoes!!!  Oh the shame!!!  Not only that, there were leftovers and I had to eat them.  Dammit.  There were a whole lotta carbs going on.   Oh yeah, and I happened to see a box of Corn Pops for $1.49.  Couldn't just leave that on the shelf!  I love them and haven't had them in at least decades.  Suffice to say, I didn't just fall off the horse, I fell off and got trampled by it and several other horses.  Metaphorically, of course.  Just in case you lost track of the fact no real horses are actually involved and were worried about my well-being and multiple injuries that I don't have.

Fortunately, I have decided to start yoga.  I cannot afford the gym...well, maybe I could, but I would rather not stretch my EI budget that tightly, thank you very much.  Walking just is not doing it for me as quickly as I would like (things are really flat here and to get to really good hiking, we would need a car).  I have lost an inch around my waist though!  Slow progress but progress nonetheless.  Decided I needed something to spice up my daily routine.  So, thanks to the magic of StumbleUpon (6 pages worth of websites bookmarked and counting!), I found a website called "yogatailor".  It customizes your yoga workout depending on how long you tell it you have, what level you say you are and it will also customize for the pregnant or bad-backed.  It lets you do it free for 15 days then if you decide you want to keep doing it, you can do so by paying per month, per 6 mths or per year.  So, today was day 2 of trying it and so far, I quite like it!  

Day 1 was quite interesting and I probably should have shut my living room curtains as any neighbours in the next building who may have chosen to spy from behind their curtains would have been highly entertained.  "Balance, I have not" - Yoda.  There were a couple of poses where I "weebled and wobbled but did not fall down".  Oh, it was a lovely exercise in feeling awkward and embarassed, all while completely alone.  As far as I knew.  I don't think any neighbours were looking.  At least I didn't see any faces disappear from windows when I looked out mine.

Oh and I have made a wonderfully unpleasant discovery thanks to the magic of yoga.  There were a couple of positions that were not perfectly doable.  Oh the curse of the "well endowed".  Let me just put it this way: when laying face down, there was no way on God's green earth that I could rest my chin on the floor.  Unless I had a pillow or perhaps choose to do yoga in front of a set of stairs.  I managed my forehead on the floor, which was one of the options, but knowing you currently only have one face-resting option can be disheartening.  You know, I have a friend who paid good money to become "well-endowed".  I think she may secretly be on crack.  Either that or she will never do yoga or any other exercise that requires one to rest their chin on a floor.  Ah, if only I were built like the landscape around here.  No mountains, just little hills.

Day 2 was better.  I still "weebled and wobbled" but ever so slightly less than the day before.  And had the foresight to not open the curtains prior to making a spectacle of myself.  They said at the end of the workout that yoga releases a lot of toxins, so drink a lot of water to flush them out.  I don't know if it was the power of suggestion or the bit of food I nibbled on before exercising, but I really did feel like there were toxins that were knocked loose and floating around.  I felt both great and bad when I finished.  Felt good all over from the work but bad in the sense that thought of chips make me want to barf.  I am glad I feel nausea at the thought of junk food and extreme cravings at the thought of that half grapefruit waiting for me in the fridge.

Well, that is where I am so far.  I am taking a Japanese course and will soon be taking a painting class (no in Japanese), but those are embarrassing stories blogs for another time.  

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