Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wrong Names, Job Hunting and Food

So, the last time I posted, there was a firetruck pulling up to our building.  Since I am sending out another blog, you know that we escaped homelessness.  This time.  Turns out, just minutes later, an ambulance showed was a medical emergency.  "Phew" for us and tenants, worry for the person who left in the ambulance.  Who is hopefully fine.  Remember I said I was going to watch the lobby on TV?  Not only were there a fair few hot firefighters and ambulance attendants, but the individual for whom (awesome grammar alert) the ambulance arrived, walked out and climbed into the ambulance herself.  Ah, been there, done that, sister!  Don't know that tenant but hope she is back and doing well.

On the job-search-related front, I have been attending weekly meetings with other folks who were "impacted by restructuring".  (The fancy term for "I got laid-off and now I'm drawin' pogey".)  This group is actually a great platform for sharing ideas, networking, giving each other feedback, and so on.  I love going.  

Friday, November 23, 2012

Drunkenness, A Sense of Purpose, and Surprise Parcels

Had a great week.  My youngest brother, Steve, came to K-W last weekend to visit friends.  It was a blast.  Started with a verrry early Saturday morning, driving in our rental car to Pearson Airport to pick him up.  That day ended epically.  I am not sure that is an actual word but let's just say it is.  Because there was no other word for last Saturday night.  And holy crap, I needed that.  Been way to long since I have had a night like that!  It was a night of drinks, lots and lots of drinks; food; jokes; random comments that left everyone else staring open-mouthed in shock and confusion followed by shaking heads and laughter; staggering happiness; lack of awareness of current geographic location (within a one block radius of where we were the last time); and confidential texts that had readers and senders almost in tears from intense giggling; there may or may not have been some dance moves too (and I use that term loosely).  I would make a statement about changing names to protect the innocent but since the term "innocent" does not apply here, names need to be avoided all together!  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Exercises in Futility (Damn, I'm Fit!)

OR:  She's Tenacious, You Have to Give Her That

I have such admiration for the government.  I really am in awe of how strict the training of their staff must be.  I have never experienced such proficiency at the passing of the buck nor such skill at getting persons seeking assistance and information, to run around like chickens with their heads cut off.  It's breathtaking, really.  

My husband had to turn over his Japanese driver's licence at Service NB when he exchanged it for a New Brunswick licence.  They keep it on file.  We since moved to Ontario and had to turn over our NB licences to get our Ontario ones.  Still with me?  Making sense?  Good.  Hang on, it's about to get bumpy.

Yin and Yang

Was having a great day yesterday!  It was nice, went for a walk, was loving the cool, clean air, life was good!

I strolled around Waterloo with the intention of eventually running some errands.  I found myself near the thrift shop on Bridgeport and wandered in looking for inspiration and hopefully a double boiler where the top is not a steamer insert.  Figured that is my best hope since stores don't seem to carry such a thing anymore.  Of course, I found the top part I was hoping for but no bottoms it would fit in.  (Oh geez, that just sounds all wrong, doesn't it!  I am so leaving that as is!!!!)  So, I continued just looking around, content, in a world of my own.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Unemployment, Cartoons and Livin' Large

It is more than time to come out of semi-retirement.  It was nice the first couple of months but the last several months have been torture.  The silver lining is that Shigeki and I have learned that we can get along even if we have to spend almost every. waking. second, together. We can occasionally get under each other's skin, too, but we work it out.  

I have so many things that I want to do!  I need some direction, man.  I love teaching and training but feel it is time to change tracks.  Maybe.  If a training/teaching job comes up, I sure won't turn it down!  I love helping people.  But I have also thought about having something of my own.  Like a little store where the majority of products are from Japan...mostly food.  Or a bakery/chocolate shop.  I am good at baking and good at making chocolates.  Oh, and I am most proficient at eating baked goods and chocolates.  Too bad that doesn't help with income.  Dammit!

Wind, Sails, Youth and Acrylics

Ok, back to blog-land.  Been away for a while.  This no job, no car kind of life tends to equal a nothing-to-do existence.  Hit a rut and felt like the wind was completely taken out of my sails.  Not feeling down, no.  That wasn't it.  I had no interest in anything, not yoga, not walking, not even job hunting.  Just like I was wind powered but there was no wind.  I was busy trying to figure out how to get going and watched all the other boats with motors just zip on by.  

BUT, that kind of a slump doesn't last too long with me, thank goodness!  The wind is blowing again...or maybe I grew a motor...not sure which.  Bottom line, I have my mojo back and am back on track with job-hunting and feel optimistic again about what I want to do next.  

Despite a slump, I really cannot complain.  Life has been pretty good.  I mentioned the classes I was taking.  My Japanese class is at the university and is going well.  I feel strangely conspicuous on campus though.  Like I really am not supposed to be there.  However, each Wednesday evening, as I walk onto the campus, I try to pretend like the students don't think I am all that much older than them.  Yeah, they probably just think I am a grad student!  I dress the part in my super casual clothes.  I pull out my mobile at intervals to pretend to check for texts.  I don't bring my purse with me, I carry a black cloth book sack slung diagonally across my body.  I line up at Tim's and get a drink to take with me to class, standing in line like me being there ain't no thang.  

This charade was working really well for me.  Until last Friday.