Friday, November 23, 2012

Drunkenness, A Sense of Purpose, and Surprise Parcels

Had a great week.  My youngest brother, Steve, came to K-W last weekend to visit friends.  It was a blast.  Started with a verrry early Saturday morning, driving in our rental car to Pearson Airport to pick him up.  That day ended epically.  I am not sure that is an actual word but let's just say it is.  Because there was no other word for last Saturday night.  And holy crap, I needed that.  Been way to long since I have had a night like that!  It was a night of drinks, lots and lots of drinks; food; jokes; random comments that left everyone else staring open-mouthed in shock and confusion followed by shaking heads and laughter; staggering happiness; lack of awareness of current geographic location (within a one block radius of where we were the last time); and confidential texts that had readers and senders almost in tears from intense giggling; there may or may not have been some dance moves too (and I use that term loosely).  I would make a statement about changing names to protect the innocent but since the term "innocent" does not apply here, names need to be avoided all together!  

Oh yeah, the rest of Steve's visit was nice too.

Was sad to see him go when he left last Tuesday.  Which just reinforces the desire to head back home.  Yeah, you read that right.  I am definitely starting to lean that way.

Had a great week.  I have been soul-searching for ages, trying to figure out what I want to do next.  And I think I have finally had an epiphany!  I have finally figured out what I want to do with my life!  I think.  For now, anyway.  So, I finally feel like I have purpose again and it is full steam ahead with looking into where I want to be.  I have been looking for courses, qualifications, job ads and have visited the employment centre to see about getting funding to take courses.  (Verdict will be out on that until my appt. next week.)  

Stay tuned to see if I have any hope at an income again.  

Just when I thought my week couldn't get any better, I get a delivery notice from Canada Post.  Ooooooo!!  A parcel?  For Shigeki and I??  I was definitely intrigued because I hadn't ordered anything, neither did he, and no one told us they were sending anything.  What could it be??  Exciting stuff, folks!  I went, as the slip instructed, to Westmount Plaza to pick it up there.  I was a little confused, I have to admit.  There is a full postal outlet at Shoppers in Waterloo Town Shops, just 500m from our place.  About a 6 minute walk.  Canada Post always sends our stuff for pick-up, to the pharmacy at Westmount Plaza, 1.5km away.  About a 20 minute walk.  (It says 19 minutes on Google maps, but I added the extra minute for talking to the chickens in Waterloo Park.)  Surely Canada Post realizes this is not the closest outlet to our address...pretty sure they are address experts, right??  But I digress...

So I arrive to pick up the parcel and it's from Anne!!!!  I was so thrilled!! (5 second bio:  Years ago, I met Anne in Japan.  We lived in the same area in Japan and were from the same-ish area in New Brunswick!)  She was recently in Japan for 2 weeks to visit her former host family, with whom she is as close as though they were actually her family.  She and I had spoken on Skype while she was there and she asked for our address to add to the list of Japanese Christmas cards she was sending out.  I thought nothing of it as she showed me the cards she had all ready and addressed to other people on her list.  

I was so excited when I got the parcel and saw it was from her.  Not just because it was incredibly sweet and generous of her to do that, but also because instinctively, I KNEW there would be Cheese Curry Cup Noodles in there!!  I love them as much as she does!!  For those who don't know, they are instant noodles, Japanese curry flavoured, with little brown particles that are supposed to be meat and little cubes of gooey goodness (gooey after hot water is added) that is called cheese, although the validity of that claim is questionable.  It is the best food on the planet!!  I was so stoked that I carried the box all the way home under my arm.  I had a cloth shopping bag with me and could have put it inside, slung the bag over my shoulder, had my hands free or even better, put my hands back up in my sleeves to keep warm.  But I was just so thrilled about this precious treasure, that I had to be physically connected to my little box of treasures.  Yeah, I was THAT excited about it!  These are the things that make life fun!

Can't wait to see what next week brings.  Uhhh....hold the phone.  Oh geez.  Fire truck just pulled up to our building...hope that doesn't mean that next week is about to bring homelessness.  I am off to watch the firefighters on the lobby camera on TV.

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