Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Unemployment, Cartoons and Livin' Large

It is more than time to come out of semi-retirement.  It was nice the first couple of months but the last several months have been torture.  The silver lining is that Shigeki and I have learned that we can get along even if we have to spend almost every. waking. second, together. We can occasionally get under each other's skin, too, but we work it out.  

I have so many things that I want to do!  I need some direction, man.  I love teaching and training but feel it is time to change tracks.  Maybe.  If a training/teaching job comes up, I sure won't turn it down!  I love helping people.  But I have also thought about having something of my own.  Like a little store where the majority of products are from Japan...mostly food.  Or a bakery/chocolate shop.  I am good at baking and good at making chocolates.  Oh, and I am most proficient at eating baked goods and chocolates.  Too bad that doesn't help with income.  Dammit!

But those things are expensive and risky to get started.  I need something else in the meantime while I work toward those dreams. 

Have decided that I love to write and to proofread.  Well, I didn't just decide that.  I have felt that way for a long time.  What I have decided about said items, is that perhaps I should pursue a career in that field.  So, I am going to see what it takes to become a copywriter or proofreader or write something.  I already proofread on a volunteer basis.  I proofread the newsletter for the city where I used to live in Japan!  They send the English version to me each month, I check it, make corrections and send it back. If I can proofread and edit from authors whose first language is not English, I am sure I have the skills to do it with work from an author who is an anglophone!

The biggest challenge though, is finding out how to break into the professional world of the written word.  I will plug away at it (OMG!!!  Help me!  Does anyone have connections????) and will find something, I am sure.

Of course that is just my backup plan.  

The real course of action that I am taking is going to be the winning of the lotto.  I am not sure which lotto, but I am going to win one of them.  I have to at some point, right?  I just know I am going to pick the right numbers one of these weeks.  

Upon winning the lotto, we will then have a house built here in Canada.  Then we will buy one in Japan.  We shall travel back and forth between the two countries a couple of times each year.  I will still start a business of my own but will do so no longer fearing what will happen were it to go tits up.  

Until then, I continue to reside in reality.  Where my hubby and I look at each other every day and talk about how much we wish we had a life.  How much we probably need a car to go places and do things.  The bus is ok, but not always the greatest.  It really limits spontaneity and although I enjoy colourful characters as much as the next person, I do sometimes have to fight the urge to jump screaming off the bus while it is in motion.  

Can't wait to get a job, because I am running right out to buy a car.  We need a life.

Being stuck together at home isn't all bad.  We discover a lot about each other and the world around us through the magic of TV.  I feel I must now share with you all our latest great discovery.  Adventure Time With Finn and Jake.  Yes, that's right, we actively seek out this cartoon and watch it on purpose.  Sober.  And laugh our asses off!!  The story lines are very much like that game where someone writes two sentences, folds the paper so the next person can only see the second sentence, then writes their own sentence, and so on, until the end where you open it up and read it out as one story and it sounds really twisted.  Well, someone is playing that game and made cartoons out of it.  Or they are on something pretty serious and manage to write down all their thoughts then make a cartoon out of that.  

Lucky buggers are making money doing that!!

Wait a minute......

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