Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wind, Sails, Youth and Acrylics

Ok, back to blog-land.  Been away for a while.  This no job, no car kind of life tends to equal a nothing-to-do existence.  Hit a rut and felt like the wind was completely taken out of my sails.  Not feeling down, no.  That wasn't it.  I had no interest in anything, not yoga, not walking, not even job hunting.  Just like I was wind powered but there was no wind.  I was busy trying to figure out how to get going and watched all the other boats with motors just zip on by.  

BUT, that kind of a slump doesn't last too long with me, thank goodness!  The wind is blowing again...or maybe I grew a motor...not sure which.  Bottom line, I have my mojo back and am back on track with job-hunting and feel optimistic again about what I want to do next.  

Despite a slump, I really cannot complain.  Life has been pretty good.  I mentioned the classes I was taking.  My Japanese class is at the university and is going well.  I feel strangely conspicuous on campus though.  Like I really am not supposed to be there.  However, each Wednesday evening, as I walk onto the campus, I try to pretend like the students don't think I am all that much older than them.  Yeah, they probably just think I am a grad student!  I dress the part in my super casual clothes.  I pull out my mobile at intervals to pretend to check for texts.  I don't bring my purse with me, I carry a black cloth book sack slung diagonally across my body.  I line up at Tim's and get a drink to take with me to class, standing in line like me being there ain't no thang.  

This charade was working really well for me.  Until last Friday.  

We had invited a couple of Japanese students over for dinner.  They are here studying at the university for three months, really sweet girls, typical 21 year olds:  giddy, always talking about boys, having a great time, gulping down the food we made, with the voracious appetites skinny Japanese girls always seem to have with no ill effect on their physique.  Damn them.  (The skinniest one complained of having put on weight whilst here....I am pretty sure my thigh...no my arm...is bigger around than her waist!)  We were all having a great time.  Until I realized the two of them were referring to us as "Mom" and "Dad"!  Whoa, whoa, WHOA!!!!  Back it up, sister!!!!  I did everything I could to keep my shock from showing on my face.  I wanted to explain that biologically, yes, we could have been parents to people their age, but would have been in deep cac at the age we would have been had I been knocked up.  I obviously managed to disguise all I was thinking, because they continued, with the greatest affection, to call us that for the duration of their visit. I wanted to correct her and tell her no, no, no, we are like older siblings for her.  At worst, just refer to me as the fun, cool aunt!  But "Mom"??????  Noooooooooooo!!!

So, as you can see, they completely burst my bubble about any delusions of youth that I was clinging to.  This Wednesday, when I set foot on campus, I will be keeping my face hidden in my hoodie, walking in depressed disillusionment to my class.  Sigh. 

Then there is...er...was...my art class.  Good times.  It was four weeks, on Thursdays.  And a lot of money.  It was interesting, to say the least.  At least I was one of the younger participants there.  Phew! Just sad it is over.  I learned...some stuff.  I know that blues can help grass and trees look further away and adding some burnt sienna (or was it raw sienna?) to the greens of your grass in the foreground can make it look closer.  I know that blue, brown and white make grey.  Other than that, there was not a whole lot of instruction; we just showed up for class and tried to copy the painting at the front of the class.  I learned that our instructor likes dark, cloudy scenes.  I have gotten pretty good at trees far away and trees at night.  Just imagine how amazingly well I paint trees far away at night!  Virtual masterpiece!  I will be so famous when I die!

Week 2

Week 4

On my own at home to see what brighter colours look like!


  1. Your post reminds me of my experience in the pool with Tilda the other day. A little girl asked 'are you the mother?'. When I said yes she said 'oh, you're old I thought you were the grandma'. And there I thought I looked that same as every other mum around. Hmm. Love your paintings by the way.

  2. LOL! I read that on FB and laughed sympathetically. Now I can laugh empathetically!!!