Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yin and Yang

Was having a great day yesterday!  It was nice, went for a walk, was loving the cool, clean air, life was good!

I strolled around Waterloo with the intention of eventually running some errands.  I found myself near the thrift shop on Bridgeport and wandered in looking for inspiration and hopefully a double boiler where the top is not a steamer insert.  Figured that is my best hope since stores don't seem to carry such a thing anymore.  Of course, I found the top part I was hoping for but no bottoms it would fit in.  (Oh geez, that just sounds all wrong, doesn't it!  I am so leaving that as is!!!!)  So, I continued just looking around, content, in a world of my own.

I eventually sauntered out and continued on my stroll.  I could hear someone walking quite quickly behind me, so I sort of moved to one side of the sidewalk and slowed a little to let that person pass.  I hear them speak and thought they were about to say "Excuse me" or "Thank you" for letting them by, but then it registered that what I was hearing was, "Nice having that Walmart in the area, isn't it?"  Oh! Lovely, a friendly person that wants to make conversation! This is a good day!!!  So I turn to the little man, (about my age I guess) to respond, stopping where I was about to veer off onto a path I like to take sometimes, expecting to part ways with a "have a good one!" sort of thing.

No.  No, no.  He kept talking and saying things like, "Oh, do you live in this neighbourhood?  How come I have never seen you around here?"  I lied about where I lived, thinking "Oh geeez!!  Is there a sticker I don't know about on my back again???".  I stayed where I way I was about to go down a path alone with someone asking my name and where I lived.  Cripes.  Why couldn't you have just been friendly little dude like you were about 1 minute ago?  Now you are morphing into a creep.  He kept chatting until he brought the conversation around to how he goes to Tim's on King on his breaks and maybe we could have coffee together there sometime and "we should make a contact to have coffee".  Holy Mother.  I am getting hit on and it is not making me feel at all like I've still "got it".  I just try to brush that off but he was having none of that.  He offered his contact info and I was getting all ready with my lie about how I don't have my cell with me, when he offered to give his business card.  Phew!  No prob, bub, you do that.  But don't expect to ever hear from me!  Eeeep!

Fortunately, he continued on down the street and I veered off onto my path, surreptitiously getting my keys out of my pocket, positioning them between my fingers, you know, just in case.  

It was a great walk, the ducks were out, doing their thing, I went my merry way and did mine.

Went to my Japanese class in the evening.  Took the bus because cutting through the park is no longer an option now that it is fully dark when I go.  The park is so dimly lit that even if I wasn't worried about anyone lurking in the bushes (strange little business card carrying men), I was worried about tripping and falling flat on my face in the dark.  Not saying that sort of thing has ever happened to me before.  Of course, that is only because I do my best falling-on-face in broad daylight, with lots of people around to see it happen.

I get to the building on campus and as I am going past a hallway, I hear a man's voice say, "Yep, construction site is pretty muddy!" And look up to see a construction-worker-clad guy holding up a pair of very muddy workboots, chuckling (in a non-psycho way) and smiling.  I look up a little more into the face of an absolute silver fox!  (Where's Janice when I need her?  I know she appreciates a good silver fox now and again!)  I just grinned back, laughed and he went off to wherever he was headed.  No creepy conversation, no business card, no inquiries about where I live.  Just a pure, happy moment.

All's well that ends well.  There IS balance in the universe!!

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