Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, Goals, Aspirations and Non-Resolutions

So I have resolved not to make any resolutions for 2013.  I might set some goals though.  I have been hearing this crazy rumour that it is good to have goals, so I thought I should get me some.  Here are a few of my aspirations:

  1. Not run with scissors.
  2. Get a job.  Or something.
  3. Win the lottery.  Well, a lottery.  I am not fussy about which one.  I will accept a huge lump sum of cash from anywhere, really.
  4. Survive the end of the world.  Oh wait, been there, done that.  Well, good to start with something already completed to give a sense of accomplishment and momentum.
  5. Become a dog whisperer.  Literally.  None of this Cesar Milan talking out loud to dogs nonsense.
  6. Procrastinate.  Later.

I know, I know, it is a tall order but I can't help it.  I consider myself an achiever.  I don't expect that everyone can accomplish these things.  All I am trying to say is, raise the bar, like I did.  I just want you to find inspiration in this list so you can push the envelope in your own lives.  Find what challenges you!

In all seriousness, 2012 was a pretty tough year for us.  But my hubby and I are both from strong families and we are strong people.  There is no doubt that 2013 is going to be our year!  We have our sights firmly set on happiness; nothing but good times can come from that!  

So here are some of the actual things I would like to try to accomplish, or keep going, in the upcoming year:
  1. Maintain my blog regularly.
  2. Get more blog followers.
  3. Let go of being embarrassed about promoting myself!
  4. Develop my Twitter presence.
  5. Take a course.
  6. Be more tech savvy.
  7. Get a job in social media.
  8. Do more painting.
  9. Make my creativity work for me!!
  10. Lead a happy, productive and highly social life!
What are some of the things that you are hoping to accomplish in the upcoming year?  Are they lofty goals or simple goals to produce the best life results possible?  Do you have suggestions for myself or others?  Share whatever you want; the silly, the profound or the straightforward.  Use the comment section below or post it on my Facebook page.  Feel free to follow my blog too by clicking "Join this site" on the right or click on the other buttons to my other sites on Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter

Hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve and an amazing 2013!!!

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