Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Fun, Mirth and Merriment

My cousin recently lamented the suckiness of winter.  (That is not a word, you say?  Guess what!  It is now!)  She had lived south of the border for a lot of years and is now back in the Great White North.  I feel her pain.  While winter was cold where I lived in Japan, it was not cold enough for snow.  Thus, that area certainly did not see the shut-down of public transport due to snow, or closure of schools for snow-days.  I got pretty soft and wimpy with regard to dealing with Canadian winter.  I managed after coming back though, to remember and do some of the things I told my students about that made winter fun and made me miss snowy winters so much!

While I am in Ontario right now, in an area without snow yet, temperatures still above zero and grey dead trees everywhere (yep, wish we had some snow), she is elsewhere with an abundance of snow and pretty unhappy about it.  I gave her some inspiration for winter fun.  I thought I would go ahead and share some of my wisdom with you:

  • Go outside.  Make snow-targets; they could be snowmen, snow-women, a snow fort, or just a random pile of snow.  Make snowballs and whip them at the targets and see if you can make dents in them, whether the snowballs will stick or burst into a million pieces (do not add rocks, that is cheating!!).
  • Even better, try to find friends to whip them at and who will whip them back at you (whether you choose to add rocks here all depends on your relationship with said "friend").  Do not whip them (the snowballs or your friends) at cars.  That includes consequences (especially the whipping friends at cars part).
  • Eat some snow.  Make sure it is not yellow (if you don't know why that is wrong, then don't worry about it, yellow snow is fine.  You may proceed.).
  • Get your hands on some skates (that fit, otherwise you would just look incredibly stupid) and go skating at an outdoor rink.
  • Grab a snowboard or skis and hit the slopes all day with your friends.  At the end of the day, be sure to award those who have the dirtiest arse (from falling down, of course!).  When the ski hills are empty, have a snowball-rolling contest from the top; the centre of the snowballs must consist of you and your friends (one person per snowball, to avoid any unfair advantages).  For the advanced version, don't wait for skiers to leave, they could serve nicely as pylons to maneuver around or as attractive adornments to your snowball.
  • Write your name in the snow; this activity is for guys only (but if you are a gal who can do this, that is either impressive or really, really sick).  If you do not get what I mean and think you can write it with your finger, get off this post, you clearly have no exposure to the freezing heaven/hell that is snow.
  • Or stay in, snuggle up under a blanket, have some hot chocolate (with a touch of Bailey's or Grand Marnier) and watch a cheesy movie you have been meaning to watch but never got around to.  (Awwwwwwww!  [Insert warm, fuzzy feelings here])

This is the sort of stuff that makes winter a little more palatable, possibly enjoyable. It's true, I read it in the Bible.

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