Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hippy Islands, Bunkers and Burnt Toast

So, new year, new blog post time!

The holidays are now behind us and I am thrilled that 2013 is here.  We made it.  All the documentary channels that previously aired shows with tons of experts saying that the Mayan calendar clearly proves that the world was going to end because the calendar didn't go any further, are now airing shows with tons of experts explaining that the Mayan calendar only ever said that a new era was beginning and it was all cyclical; once the next huge chunk of centuries goes by, yet another era will be upon the world.
Yeah, I did!

Let's not forget those documentaries showcasing all those wicked cool underground bunkers and communities that were being built for the rich and terrified.  What I would really like to see are a whole slew of documentaries with an in-depth look at what all those people are going to do now that they have given up a kajillion dollars for no reason at all.  Those developers weren't stupid, there would have been clauses saying that if the world didn't end, don't even think about coming after us for a refund because we will be in the tropics enjoying our earnings and you can now no longer afford to come down here after us anyway.  Or could it be that the people who bought into those bunkers, moved in before December 21st, have no idea that nothing happened and are still living down there, only to emerge in 30 or 40 years?
 I really want someone to do a documentary on that.  (I saw a movie once that was supposed to be fiction but was eerily similar to just that type of situation.  Oh man, that gives me goosebumps.)
Fresh from the bunker.

The first Fun Thing I have done with my life in the new year of the new era, was to take a day trip to Toronto with my husband.  He had some appointments there and since we have to take the GO Train, we had no choice but to make a day of it.  (Note:  Did you know that if you mistype "era" as "are" then try again and mistype it as "ear", spellcheck doesn't care?  What the hell kind of system is that, anyway?)

We spent the whooole day walking around Toronto.  For fun.  Because I love walking around for an entire sunless day in the freezing cold, wondering if my nose has turned black from frostbite yet, holding my breath so much as I walk by the frequent groups of smokers huddled, shivering together on their breaks, getting their fix, that I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen; all in the name of fun, looking for adventure around the next corner...thinking we really should have done this in the summer...but I digress...
How I would have felt about going in the summer

We hadn't been in St. Lawrence Market, so we decided to check it out.  I can now report to you that...we still have not been in St. Lawrence Market.  We were in Toronto the one and only day of the week that it is closed.  Awesome.  We were both peckish, so the hubby told me to choose where I wanted to grab a bite.  After choosing three places that he didn't want to go to, I put the responsibility of choosing, back on him.  McDonald's.  Not a fan, but he needed to be fed too and I didn't want to spend anymore indecision time on it all.  Imagine how thrilled I was when after I ordered, he said he didn't want anything.  Because they weren't serving hamburgers yet.  I made him share my Sausage Mcgreasepatty with me.  That was a fitting revenge.
Obviously not a Monday

We did have a great day though.  And in the afternoon, we took the ferry to the Wards Island part of Toronto Island.  I wasn't really thrilled about going because apparently all the touristy fun stuff is shut for the winter.  But I noticed on the map there was a cafe not far from the dock, so was looking forward to warming up with some tea at some point.

The island was magical.  I loved it.  The houses looked nothing at all like they belonged to Toronto.  It was a completely different world; trees, birds, shrubs, nature everywhere, peaceful...yet still Toronto.  I couldn't believe it!  We were so cold but happy; rainbows, puppies and unicorns followed us everywhere.  With arses freezing off, we decided to check out that cafe for a cuppa.  Annnnd, it was St. Lawrence Market all over again.  Closed on Mondays.  Crrripes.
What the hell were we thinking?
It was a great trip all in all.  We had some amazing Japanese food at lunchtime, we enjoyed our walk, I earned about 50% more Weight Watchers points to add on to my total.  I struggle to eat enough for my regular points...I can't imagine adding at least another meal to my day!  Would give Weight Watchers a new meaning!  (Hey, you want to see some weight?  Watch this!!!  Nom nom nom nom...)  lol!

Well, time to crash.  Stayed up late to blog...for two reasons.  One, to check in and say, "Yo!".  Two, the acrid smell of something burning earlier had me really nervous and I was too scared to go to bed lest I not hear the fire alarm.  But there was no alarm, the smell has dissipated and I now can say happily, "Doctor, I smell burnt toast." 

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