Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Apocalypse, The Aftermath, And The Death of Romance

There was a storm here yesterday.  Of epic proportions.  Or so the news was saying.  It was actually going to be far more epic in the area I am originally from, on the East Coast.  But everywhere, people are stocking up like it is the zombie apocalypse and the news is making it sound like December 21st has finally arrived, albeit a little late.

Really, it is just an old school winter making an appearance.  A sort of "Hey there, Global Warming.  remember me?  I'm baaaack..."
I will admit where I am currently living, we got the "lite" version.  It snowed like it was never going to end.  It made for a cold, grey day with a steady supply of softly falling snow.  But no crazy winds or precipitation being driven so hard that it stings my face.  In fact, I went out in it.  Twice.  In a park next to my place.  I had so much fun tramping through brand new, deep snow.  So much fun, it had to be repeated. 

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Blizzard of 2013 - Lite

Although, my husband took it a bit too far, in my opinion.  He went jogging in it!  In sneakers!  In knee-deep snow!!  The man is clearly insane. (I seem to have a lot of clearly insane people in my life.)  His first winter here, he was traumatized at the amount of snow.  Not being from Canada, but from an area where the appearance of one renegade snowflake signals the end of mankind (slight hyperbolic exaggeration for dramatic effect, there).  It is now his third winter here and his perspective has changed to:  "I must conquer winter!" (insert chest beating here).

Hopefully it will never come to this.

I am very happy to report though, that today, the day after the storm, the sun has come back.  And it is astounding just how beautiful it has made everything look!  The snow sparkles like little snow fairies are dancing in the sunlight, the snow angel I spontaneously made looks like it is straight from heaven, unicorns frolicked among the trees, rainbows appeared over every little woodland squirrel and the birds showered jewels and lace down on......uh...too far???  Sorry...I get carried away...
So, uh, basically, today is a gorgeous day and I have been out again, loving the sunshine and yes, I did make a snow angel (note to self: no snow angle making when not wearing mittens or a hat and when en route to the library because whoever sits in the chair after me is not going to know I had just made a snow angel...)

I was alone.  No one could help me get up without sort of messing her up.  I swear it is an angel.

Best part of my walk so far though, was the writing in the snow on the lake in the park.  At first, I thought it was the work of some romantic couple who passed through before me.  Then I saw the full message.  Awesome!  Let's just say,it definitely wasn't a young, starry-eyed couple and romance might be dead.  But humour is very much alive!  I am just glad no one happened by while I was taking picture after picture, trying to get the best angle to fit the giant writing in one shot on my camera!

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Couldn't make out that last word?  Here, let me give you a bigger picture:

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Yeah, they wrote "boobs".  Couldn't fit the "s" in here.


  1. I live in Texas. We barely see snow, but our state can't decide what weather to stick with. I look forward to reading your post of the A-Z Challenge. I stopped by to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Details are here:

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  3. The media always makes things out to be worse than they really are.

  4. I think that every time stores need to get rid of some milk and bread, the news creates some trumped up massive storm watch to get us buy them up. We were supposed to get snow today and it rained. Ugh.


    Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi

  5. So true! And people respond to it, forgetting that the snow doesn't last. :)