Monday, April 15, 2013

Issues. Issues Are Dragging Me Down!

I have gotten so behind in this challenge!  Arrrrrrg!  So many issues pulling me back.

Between job hunting and apartment hunting and dodging the "discouragement monster", I have gotten soft.  And I don't like it.  When I have too much time and not enough responsibility, I lose brain slowly turns to Jell-O, once cell at a time.  But things are starting to look up so I am feeling the fire in my belly again!  And have to get caught up on my posts!

So my big issues are, no job, which means no (or very little) responsibility for me, which means slack days.  I thrive on pressure and juggling jobs, tasks, etc.  I can't wait to get that feeling back!

Searching for an apartment.  It is tough.  Even if I do find a great place, something is missing, like a balcony or affordable rent or a fan in the windowless!!

But really, those are not bad issues to have.  While I cannot wait to have lots going on in my life again, or to have a place to call my own, I am truly blessed that these are the issues I have.  I am not without family and friends to support me if I need it.  I am one lucky girl!

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