Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Acts of Kindness

Our cat has done nothing but bring joy into our lives.  Well, that and drain our bank account.  But mostly joy...I think.  No wait...yeah, joy is the word for it...maybe?

However, the poor little thing has an ear infection, likely due to her previous months spent roughing it outdoors.  We of course fussed and fretted over her but had to admit it was beyond us so took her in to be examined.  Her vet had a look, took a swab and after checking under the microscope, declared there was an infection, (not mites, yay!...yay?), and prescribed ear drops.

Have you EVER tried to give a cat ear drops????  The vet made it look so easy when she administered the first ones to show us how.  But then again, she sort of seems like the Disney version of Snow White in the woods with animals.  Actually, come to think of it, I am pretty sure I now remember her singing and a few bluebirds and butterflies lighting on the windowsill while bunnies and squirrels gathered outside, just below the window, gazing upward wistfully as they listened.

It really didn't look like that when we gave it a go ourselves at home the next day.

Both of us were holding her down while she struggled and fought against us.  We got down on the floor with her.  I attempted to fold back her ear, twist the cap off the bottle, and get the drops in her ear, all with one hand.  The rest of my body was being utilized in the effort to keep the cat from (a) getting away and (b) shredding us to bits.  I was sitting on the ground with both my legs wrapped around her and my free hand trying help my husband who was also trying to hold her down, with both hands.  I am not sure why, after this ordeal our cat is not completely bald.  The fur flew everywhere.  At one point, it was so bad, I don't think we could see each other through the fur fog.  In fact, I may have administered the feline ear drops into my husband's nostrils.  We will never really know.

As we had to do this twice a day for a week, I got so good at it that I no longer needed help and got it done in under a minute.  With very little struggle from Miss Pissy Pants.  It didn't clear up so it became two weeks with the drops.  Still no improvement.  Next was new drops.  And still not any better.  At least Her Royal Highness seemed to have grasped what it was we were trying to do and accepted her fate gracefully after a while.

Since it didn't clear up, the last resort we were dreading was now inevitable.  Our princess had to go in, be sedated and have her ears cleaned/flushed out.  A culture would be sent to PEI for analysis and the verdict would tell us exactly what strain we are dealing with and thus what antibiotics she should be on.  (Did I mention the bank account yet?)

I also decided to ask them to check a lump she had on her leg; I had noticed it a few days after we had gotten her but forgot about it thinking it might have been a blood blister that just healed up into a bump.  (Side note - at the previous vet, when we got her vaccinations, she fought so hard against the needle that she bent it after they had poked her with it, therefore I had assumed it was scar tissue.)  They called me at work to let me know she was fine and waking up from sedation and that the lump was not scar tissue at all but a pellet from a pellet gun.  I couldn't believe it!  I spent the rest of the day fantasizing about grabbing the pellet gun from the people in my fantasy who were shooting defenceless cats, then shooting them in the leg so they would understand what kind of pain they were inflicting.  Either that or condemning them to administering ear drops to really resistant cats.  Er...I mean I spent the rest of the day completely buried in and focussed on my work.

I neglected to mention our car.  (What does our car have to do with our cat?  Oh, read on!)

The morning I was taking Her Regency in for her appointment, I put her in the car, got in then noticed a crack in the windshield on her side.  It was small, near the bottom and was definitely not there before.  I shrugged and made a mental note to have that checked before it got any bigger.  Then I started driving.  And the crack got bigger.  It was alive and very curious to know what was out there, beyond its little area, so proceeded to stretch itself across the entire windshield over to my side.

I had to remind myself to look at the road, not this crack that had taken on a life of its own out of the blue.  And to pick my jaw up off my lap lest I swallow the steering wheel in front of me.  I grappled with whether or not I should continue on to the vet.  I wanted the crack to stop moving across the glass, I was afraid that the whole thing would cave in on me as I continued on the highway.  But most of all I had to get the cat better, so onward I went.  All the while, I could swear I was seeing faint dollar signs floating in my field of vision and could hear them sweetly whispering goodbye to me as they faded into nothingness.

This brings me to the conspiracy theory; my firm belief that our cat and our car are in cahoots.  In January, not too far off from when we had the cat spayed, the battery in our car died and had to be replaced (we had the car for about six months at that point).  In March, a little after we started with the cat's ear drops, I took the car in for its oil change/tire rotation and was informed that the brakes in our car were almost down to 50% wear and we would need new ones probably by the next oil change date.  And now, the cat was going in for another expensive procedure and voila, our windshield needs replacing.   I am seeing a pattern here.  Our beloved kitty had better not come down with an illness and die on us.  We really need our car for getting around!  I have never owned so expensive a pet nor so expensive a car in my entire life!

But it is not all doom and gloom.  Snow White kindly removed the pellet from our poor little girl's leg, stitched her up and put her on what I can only assume is the best painkiller on the planet.  And while we talked about it at the front counter and I examined the pellet she put in a container for us, I got ready to pay and not one mention was made on the invoice with regard to the pellet or painkiller (and I know she was on one because no cat's pupils stay that dilated while the cat wears an expression between utter fascination with and slight fear of everything for over 24 hours straight).  I wanted to run behind the counter and hug her!  (Snow White, not the cat.)

And today after picking up my car, I was apologizing to my debit card for being so abusive lately, and got ready to slide the chip in the machine.  The sales guy at the counter heard me and impulsively snatches the machine back out of my hands saying, "Let's give you a discount on that."  I thought I was going to cry with joy as he gave me the new amount.  I got in my car and drove home...although I am almost certain I floated home because I almost didn't notice the bumps of the rough terrain that makes up the roads in spring here.  I couldn't wait to tell my story about the discount when I looked down and realized...they vacuumed the car for me!!  And cleaned every window there was in my vehicle!

So after trying to laugh at and make jokes about our plight with all these crazy expenses that reared their ugly heads and stripped us of any money to do anything at all until the next pay period, now I can really laugh and feel totally grateful!  And while this might not really, truly be the best day ever...I know I have had even better days in my life...right now I am going to ride the wave of this feeling that this is THE BEST DAY EVER!

Little tiny acts of kindness can make a world of difference and I cannot wait for my chance to do something for someone too!


  1. I loved the way your wrote your tale... I was laughing at your descriptions and it was all really vivid in my mind's eye!

    I'm coming back for more :)

    Curling Stones for Lego People

    1. Thanks! I was grinning while I was writing and reliving every moment! So glad to you came by!!

  2. You are soooo good at this... I want to be you! :)

    1. I love doing this. What is this, you ask? Laughing at my life! ;-)