Thursday, April 3, 2014

Beautiful Besties

This is to celebrate the bodacious babes in my life.  I wanted to list some of my friends, the ones who are like the sisters I never got to have growing up.  Then I realized this list would go on forever.  So many amazing women have touched my soul over the years and have left imprints on my heart that will be there forever and who make me realize that having just one best friend is an absolute impossibility!

So to narrow it down for now, I am going to list the women I met after having left my hometown behind me as I ventured out into the world; who have also played a major role in shaping me into the person I have become so far.  But I will do it over the course a few random times in April; to list you all right now, here in one would take ages to do!

So here's to you, my awe-inspiring sisters this is you through my eyes...while this barely scratches the surface of how amazing you really are and what I really think of you (of course I mean that in a nice way!), you will know who you are:

S - One of the kindest, most generous souls I know.  The first time I ever met her, she thrust the plastic baggie from which she was snacking, at me and uttered the first words I ever heard her say, "Hi!  I have some hemp seeds!  Wanna try some?  They're really healthy!  They make you poop, you know!"  And her parting words when she was leaving that day were, "You really need to come to my Fantasia party!"  I knew right then and there through my tears of laughter that she was a kindred spirit and we were going to get along juuuust fine!  She became a really important part of my life and always will be!  I completely admire her, how hard she works, what an amazing mom she is, the deep soul that she has, and most of all I really admire her gigantic heart that is the reason she is always so giving to others and makes a lasting impression on all whose lives she touches!  I am truly blessed to not only know her but to have the privilege of being her friend.

K - Smart, funny, and sarcastic as hell.  We met years ago over the phone, and for a few months, that is exactly how our friendship blossomed - strictly through phone calls.  A mutual friend thought she and I really needed to meet in person because that person felt that K and myself were meant to be.  And it finally happened.  We met face to face for the first time at a party and have never looked back.  From the time she was one of my customers whom I dealt with on a regular basis over the phone, to becoming fast friends at a work/client social event, I will forever count her among my dearest of friends!  (That is so NOT where you thought this was going, is it?  Hahahaha!)  She is one of the fiercest, strongest most independent women I know.  I want to be her.

J - The friend who convinced me to jump into adventure and move to the other side of the world.  She has a laugh that is quite simply larger than life and probably her most identifying feature!  There is never any doubt whose laugh it is when you hear it!  She is a stellar chef who came a long way from the really early days when Kraft Dinner seemed to her a monumental task.  A loooooooong way!  She is sharp, quick-witted and the world's foremost expert on pop culture as well as a bonafide music snob with her own bus to hell (she knows what that means!).  We will always share a wicked grin and a wink whenever we hear the word "sailor".  She leaves joy in her wake no matter where she goes.  She also does everything she sets her mind to...and I mean e v e r y t h i n g; from where she wants to travel to what she chooses as a career.  Her mind supplies the ideas, her actions supply the results.  As simple as that.  She has found her passion in life and everyone should be so lucky.  I admire her, envy her, and am fiercely proud of her.

Y - Beautiful, gentle Y.  Sweet and shy...or so you think until you get to know her!  She exudes class and grace and has an incredible lust for life.  Because of her unassuming nature, she is able to pull one over on others and avoid suspicion until she voluntarily laughs and confirms she is the culprit.  She is a generous soul who, when she knows her friends, she KNOWS her friends and is able to give her friendship, gifts, and time in ways that make you think she knows you better than you know yourself!  When I think of her it will always conjure up memories of my bike, incredible parties with incredible people and food, riding the train on our way to a disco party (one of us wearing an afro wig and the other wearing pigtails), and her musical laugh.  I owe her so much.

R - We met because she drinks wine.  A lot.  Not the "first thing in the morning" a lot, but the "hostess with the mostest" a lot.  She lived near me and the very first time I ever went to the supermarket in Japan and ran into someone I knew (like would have happened back home), she was that someone!  That is when I knew I had "arrived".  Since then, we have shared many meals, lots of cheese, and loads of wine fruit juice (you know, because we are health nuts).  We were easily partners in crime.  Like the crime of ditching our housework to meet up at the river under the cherry blossoms and drink for seven hours.  She is also responsible for having the party at which I met my husband.  She is a fun, free, sunkissed spirit responsible for numerous dance parties in her living room at her apartment.  I miss her so much it hurts!

I promised myself to limit this to five for this go 'round.  I will celebrate more of my "sisters" again very soon...(is this where I add "to be continued..."?)


  1. I think it's awesome that you've written about your friends here. Hi Andi! Cathy Olliffe-Webster,here, one of Alex J. Cavanaugh's "minions" for the A to Z Challenge. Hope you're enjoying yourself!

    1. Hi Cathy! Thanks so much for peeking in!! I am loving this challenge! Had some setbacks but back on track. Having fun creating and posting! Hope you pop by again!