Sunday, April 6, 2014


She opened the gift.  She wasn't anti-gift or against dresses but she just didn't want to try it on.

She couldn't stand the sight of it simply because of who gave it to her.  It was expensive, beautiful and everyone was expecting her to accept it without question.  She glared at it as though it were a living thing; a hideous, horrible creature that should be stomped on until there was nothing left.

She sighed and every muscle in her body was tense as she stiffly lifted it from the box.  Clenching her jaw, she slipped it over her head.  Eyes closed, she slowly turned toward the mirror.  She stood very still for a moment then, holding her breath, opened her eyes.

She stared at the reflection before her, rage and frustration welling up, boiling until she let out a furious scream and in a surge of adrenaline, ripped it off over head as fast as she could and whipped it at the wall.

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