Monday, April 7, 2014

Fostering Failure - We Tried to Foster a Cat...We Tried Really Hard

Because this is very close to my heart and brings me so much joy, I decided that even though I wrote and posted this just a short time ago, I really wanted repost this for the "F" entry so I could share it with everyone in the A to Z Challenge.  

This poor kitty has no home, they said.  Her owner passed away and she got loose, they said.  We can't leave her alone out there in the woods with winter and the coyotes.  

Would someone foster her, my friend with cat allergies asked the world on Facebook.  

I hesitated.  I kept going back to the picture of her over and over.  She was cute.  We can't really afford a pet right now.  But I thought it would be nice to have this little, warm, furry creature in our home just for a little while.  I missed having a cat in my life.  I knew if I mentioned it to my husband though, the answer would be no. 

So I chose to do the right thing.  I messaged my friend and started typing about how much I would like to take her but...  Then I deleted the word "but", and long story short, after a trip to my friend's place, I did what my brother and I did with our cats in the past when still living with Mom and Dad.  I said nothing but just showed up at home with her, was immediately met with complete shock, resistance, and a resounding "We are not keeping that!" from my husband.  (Pffft...I have heard THAT song and dance before...piece of cake!)  Then I did with him what I did with my parents in the past.  I threw her into his arms and backed away.

What is this place?  Where am I?

No way am I coming out from back here!
I let him know that it was not going to be permanent.  I explained her story and how she had been in the woods already for quite some time and how lucky it is she was even still alive.  He begrudgingly let his guard down a little when he realized we were only fostering her.

With my parents years ago, it took about 10 minutes before the ice completely melted and they were head over heels in love with our cats.  My husband though, is made of different stuff and set a new record on the time it took before he completely melted into a big pile of affectionate goo under the spell of this pretty kitty cat.  He lasted an entire 30 seconds.
This guy was a pushover!
Ah!  Another cat victory for me!!

But don't get me wrong.  I was sticking to my guns and was going to find her a good home.  As soon as she was re-socialized and used to being indoors again.  I was even hoping to take her to my mother's place to re-introduce her to dogs as well.  I figured she would be more adoptable if she was comfortable in any situation.
I'm especially comfortable in this situation.
She seemed like a fairly healthy, young, adult cat.  However, there was no way to know her medical history.  So, off to the vet we went to have her assessed and treated because we wanted to give her the best chance she could possibly have at a good, loving home.

Because really, who is going to adopt an adult cat that is going to cost a lot of money since she had no known medical history and was not spayed?  I know I probably wouldn't.  Definitely didn't have the money or time to commit to such a thing right now.

In the end, after one trip for shots and treatment for ear mites, one cycle of the cat having gone into heat, then a second trip to have her spayed, I began to realize I was doing a great job at getting her ready and attractively adoptable to a good, loving home.
I'm sorry, come again, you're taking me where for whatnow?
And that home is us.  We tried to foster a cat and we were already sinking all the money into her that I wouldn't want to sink into a cat I might see posted as up for adoption but that would need all these things done.

We fell for her, hook, line and sinker.  I hear the jingle of the tags on her collar, look at her food dishes with the really healthy cat food we are feeding her, listen to the sound of her purring, and realize...we've been had.  She has been playing us since day one and we didn't stand a chance.
Plotting an uprising and world domination.

We completely failed at fostering a cat.  But she was completely successful at adopting us!
I don't always take over people's lives, but when I do, I lay all over their clothes.


  1. Wonderfully written tale of how these intelligent creatures get us to do their bidding!
    Jude visiting from the A to Z challenge.

  2. Aww, how could you NOT fall in love with that?

  3. You're so funny - and that cat is gorgeous!! She's so furry she's almost leonine. I know you'll give her a great life - and she'll give you one, too. :)
    (new follower)
    Lexa Cain’s Blog